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We are always seeking quality software developers, and occasionally other specialists as well. Great new colleagues are always welcome!

Do you know all SOLID principles and abstract each class? 

You dream of refining Haskell’s type system?  Then we are not looking for you.

We believe that software should be well-crafted, documented and tested. What is really happening, though, is that we are maintaining and extending a software system monster, consisting of Adobe AEM intertwined with Java, C#, Angular, Ant, Tomcat and slices of MongoDB. 


The system is over 10 years old and an essential part of the daily business of a Bloody Big Bank. Lots of stakeholders and old code make it a mess. But we do it, because it is an important mess:  our work helps our users to earn their bread and their customers to buy a place to live.

As a member of our team, will you curse or be sorely tempted to? Definitely!

Will you occasionally despair of finding the proper outdated manual to solve an issue caused by ancient technology? Sure!


But the good part is that you’re in this mess together with the rest of us, to slowly destroy the blubbering mountain of Product Backlog Items that looms high above our heads, and step by step upgrade all parts of the code, so that our users and customers get the best product they can possibly get, and future vacancies can be less scary.


And not everything is bad. Our company is centrally located, with a beautiful garden for lunches and throwing parties every other month because we believe fun is important to alleviate the existential despair of hardcore software development.

So, if you are someone who has the tenacity and inventiveness to help improve a big important product, who has the patience and the empathy to deal with desperate users, who can laugh with their diverse, international colleagues even while standing in the muddy trenches of software development? Then we are looking for you!

WANTED: de-scatterbrain

LEAD Java Developer

The Skills [senior-level]

  • English and preferably Dutch language skills

  • BSc/BA in (Computer) Science or related

  • Lead Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer or similar

  • Application ownership

  • Dynamic DevOps- and Agile-development

  • Java (8) and related technologies:
    Polymer, AngularJS, Git, Apache Ant, Maven, Tomcat, Linux, MongoDB

  • Be (able to become) an Adobe AEM expert

  • Eager to learn new technologies

  • Resourcefulness, troubleshooter

e-Holmes or modern Moriarty

Full Stack Developer

You like to hack stuff but don’t do it because it’s sort of illegal? Stop pretending that you don’t need your fix and join our band of anti-heroes ehm... league of justice fighters.

Our research techniques helps the good guys (and girls) to catch the bad guys (and girls) they could not catch otherwise. Of course all against reasonable and fair reimbursement. We apply both conventional and less conventional techniques to track down and build a complete case against the evil masterminds of the 21st century.

Some clients use our software to uphold some less exciting laws, so it’s not all:

"Honey, I solved two murders and three kidnappings again today”, but at least those clients do appreciate our work and enable us to keep using our skills in legal ways.

We are not bound to a single programming language, so we use whatever technique fits the situation well. Our basis, however, is Linux, Java and Polymer. To get the job done may require you to get your hands dirty with various other options like:

<ins>random bad programming language made by idiots </ins>.

So, our work isn’t all roses, but upgrading Polymer 1 to Polymer 3 is still better than getting shot like an amateurish detective who doesn’t use patsies (APIs) to do his dirty work. Having a broadly oriented view is more important than being the number one specialist in a single field. After all, to crack hard cases, we must be able to handle and combine many and varied sources of data.


Do you have the resourcefulness of a private eye (or close to it), the coding skills to make your investigations range over terabytes or more, would you like to apply bleeding edge technology to save humanity, are you the atypical developer we are looking for?

The Skills [senior-level]

  • English and preferably Dutch language skills

  • BSc/BA in (Computer) Science or related

  • 5+ years IT solutions development 

  • Java (8), Polymer, Google Material Design   

  • IT-security frameworks/protocols

  • Project management, prioritization skills

  • ​Hands-on, make it happen



Full Stack Developer


More and more products and services are becoming available online, from buying furniture at Marktplaats to renting a car to subletting your apartment. This change is however still hampered by impostors, frauds or generally people pretending to be someone else.


Having an online identity check that is as thorough as needed but as lightweight as possible will become more and more important if not vital for companies, governments and non-profits alike.

In team Phoenix, we are developing Tracey.ID. This is a cloud-based identity solution, aiming to allow people to log in once with any identity provider:

  • Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Active Directory, DigiD

Logged-in you get access to all resources you are allowed to access with the provided and verified level of trust. A higher level of trust, how sure are we that you are who you say you are, can be gained by logging in with a more trusted identity provider like governmental DigiD, company ADFS, or using multi-factor authentication.

Are you someone who

  • Loves security

  • Loves to make applications water-tight and hacker-proof

  • Likes to work with cutting edge technologies and languages:

.NET Core, C#, Entity Framework Core, Angular6+, TypeScript, Azure

  • Is interested in, and has the passion needed to master protocols:

OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0

..Then we are looking for you!

How to apply?

Please send us an email with your CV and why you want to work at Vixion to When we have received your application, you will get a response within two working days. 


For more info contact Martijn Bruitsman at 030-2307841. If you happen to be a recruiter, please do not contact us unless you have very good coding skills and are considering a career change.

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