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Who are we

We are a software development company located in the center of Utrecht. Vixion was founded in 2004 and has since grown to a size of about 45 employees and counting. Vixion has outsourced developers as well as five regular development teams, each of which is responsible for one or more products or services. 


The development teams are supported by a separate business support team to deal with HR, sales, finances, management and system admin.

Market Perspective

From the market perspective, as a service- and product company, we focus on business- and administration support software, to help larger companies, financial institutions, government and semi-government agencies streamline and improve processes.

Technical Perspective

We are a 'full stack' company; we create and service software that is far more specialized than your average webshop package.


We mainly work with C# and Java, supplemented with languages and frameworks to support the core of the code with front-end parts like JavaScript, TypeScript, Polymer, Angular, back-end parts like SQL, Entity Framework etc and whatever other frameworks are applicable. Of course, We are also increasingly using technologies and platforms like the cloud.

Vixion Culture

Our product specialities and technical stacks are of course important to out customers and employees. But if you would be interested in doing business with us or apply to become a Vixioneer, what can you expect for the non-market focus, non-technical part?

How are we different from the average medium-sized IT company that uses hip technology, has fabulous fringe benefits, and a ping-pong table as well.

First of all, currently we don't have a ping-pong table, as our employees tend to be more into dart, dungeons & dragons,  squash and swimming.

Our vibe is more 'a bit weird, but quite good'.


In economic theory, employees are a means to produce profits. We consider profits to be a means to build a community of great people doing great stuff and having a great time. That we have a communal kitchen and a nice garden and parties and snacks and flexible working hours is not because we think that happy employees produce more profit (even though we may hope so), but because we consider having happy employees a worthy goal in and by itself. Vixion of course needs to earn sufficient money, but in the end, our focus is people.

Next to our 'internal community', we also see ourselves as part of the larger software development community. Encouraging people to participate in hackathons, like the ING hackathon, the Hackatrain to Berlin and participate in conventions. We have held barbecues for first year ICT students and usually have at least one doing his/her internship with us.

While Vixion genuinely cares for people, this does not mean that Vixion is always a quiet, modest, serene place, a kind of monastery for benevolent yet meek IT-professionals. Next to people, fun is at the core of Vixion.


At least every other month, we will find some excuse, a software product being launched, someone having his or her work anniversary, or anything, really, to hold a big party in our kitchen or in the garden, with food, drinks, and often ex-employees, friends, contacts and/or acquaintances visiting.


And we see no reason to limit the fun to our internal parties;

we just as happily join a hackathon party dressed as unicorns...


We don't see technology just as a means to an end; we are also interested in technology itself and try to keep abreast of developments whenever we can, not because we necessarily have to, but because we really like to.


Especially when providing services, we cannot always avoid dealing with and maintaining technology that could be considered ancient by modern IT standards. However, whenever it is reasonably possible, we stay near the cutting edge of technology like .NET Core, Angular 6+ and Java 9+. Next to of course believing in methods like Agile, Scrum and Kanban.


Next to keeping up with developments in our regular jobs as much as possible, we also explore new technologies and disseminate the knowledge with dev sessions and innovation projects in which Vixioneers can spend 10% of his/her time.

If you want to get a really good impression, come visit us, visitors are always welcome.

Portal Management and Development

Team X is a dedicated team of highly skilled developers managing the web portal for intermediaries of a Tier 1 Dutch bank, providing end-to-end support and service for the portal.


The team regularly adds new features and enhancements to the portal resulting in an improved user experience for intermediaries and employees of the bank.


Tags: web portal, Adobe AEM, Java

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security

The DigInt team is responsible for Noctua, software that help organizations dig through vast quantities of online and offline data to for example find criminal connections.

The Noctua application enables researchers to do their work faster and organizations to save time and get more certainty and more information than would otherwise have been feasible or possible. 


Tags: online detective, Java 9+, Polymer

Team Expedite
Pension Control and Digital Data Administration

Team Expedite develops P-Control that helps pension funds check that employers pay the right amount of contributions to the pension funds, as required by law and labor-sector-specific regulations.


While manual checking can only check samples of payments, companies and/or employees, P-Control makes checking of all payments possible.


Tags: pension, portal, C#

Case Management Software

Team Nfinity is responsible for building the product NPITOME, software to flexibly support processes, integrate data, automate tasks and built using the latest .NET technologies. 


NPITOME combines connected data sources, including legacy, automation capabilities and a fully monitored flexible process setup. This has resulted in a track record of increased productivity and reduced overall costs for customers.

Tags: case management, .NET

Team Qmark
[Big] Data Analysis and Reporting

The seasoned members of team Qmark provide custom robotization solutions for a wide range of projects.


They can tackle any recurring task, whether it’s a minor administrative headache or a massive data related undertaking.


The members of team Qmark work closely and partner with their clients to formulate and realize the most suitable solution for their exact needs.

Tags: robotization, C#

Team Allianz
Data Analysis Robotized

Vixion's highly experienced data analysts and software developers have robotized many of Allianz's administrative and business processes over the years.


By automating mainframe inputs of insurance contracts and claims we insure that the Allianz policies are handled reliably, securely and fast.

Tags: mainframe, robotization,  C#

Team Phoenix
Innovative Identification
Authentication Platform

Vixion is developing independent software solutions that make authorisation and authentication easier.


It increases the assurance that the person using a computer or smartphone is actually who they say they are.


This optimises cybersecurity and protects the privacy of users by ensuring that their personal information and documents are only available to authorised parties.

Tags: Identification, Authentication, Open ID Connect, Identity Server 4, .NET Core 2, Angular 6+, Entity Framework Core, Azure