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Digital Transformation



What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the irreversible transformation of business and organizational processes, designs, operations, competences and frameworks to maximize the deployment of a mix of digital technologies across business and society. 


The application of digital transformation can provide organisations with significant advantages. The use of existing, emerging technologies and scientific innovations can generate infinite opportunities to resolve pressing issues pertaining to processes and quality at work and in life.


Digital transformation can have a direct impact on businesses, on governments, public sector agencies, institutions, organizations, communities and individuals, involved in tackling societal challenges such as; engagement, transparency, sustainability, governance, accountability and fairness.  


Vixion helps its partners increase their impact by supplying them with a strategic mix of digital technologies.

Our Vision:

Quality People, Products, Process

Our People

We put our people and our partners first. Our teams strive for high standards of quality, respect, transparency and responsibility as an essential part of our business strategy to address our partners needs and requirements.

Our people apply the latest and most relevant technological innovations to assist our partners to digitally transform themselves.


We are committed to develop new socially responsible quality products that counts and make a difference.

Our Purpose

We work in partnership with you, we are engaging and inclusive.


In all partnerships, Vixion strives for transparent and open communication. We focus on developing a common language, concepts and frameworks. We share technical information and asses the best solutions together, in order to build respectful and mutually beneficial relationships.

Our purpose is to increase awareness and empower partners, consumers, clients, and users as to the potential benefits than could be secured by using digital transformation technologies, ie. by making one the most traditional and conservative sectors such as banking, finance, pensions and insurance to become more transparent, accountable, fair and innovative.

Our principles

We implement our principles by conducting internal consultations to ensure that these principles are fully embedded and embodied in ourselves.

Our quality people make it possible

Self-Steering Teams

At Vixion, we work in agile teams where we share information, knowledge and expertise. Each team is responsible for one and sometimes multiple products. Team members share the ownership of the full-stack product. Each product is built using the latest and most relevant technologies, techniques and software selected by our experts.

Continuous improvements of our people

We conduct coaching sessions based on quality questions, qualities conversations and quality actions as to empower and develop quality people.


These coaching sessions allow us to understand and respect each other and to embodied the needs of our partners, clients, consumers, and users.


Listen, communicating effectively, co-learning, empathising, identifying with our partners is paramount.