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What we do

Vixion delivers services and develops new products, independently or in collaboration with clients.

As example of our services, Vixion services the mortgage portal of a major Dutch bank. We also have people maintaining and extending in-house software of our clients. 


Vixion's products span a wide range of fields, ranging from authentication to digital forensics and from workflow automation to automated comparison of paychecks and pension payments.

If you want to learn more about whether one of the solutions we are offering or developing can help address one or more of your organization's needs, or if you have a need in your organization which you think could be addressed by tailor-made software, please check out the more elaborate descriptions below or contact us on

Our products and services

Digital forensics

Team Noctua has over ten years of experience consulting open and closed (internal or external) sources of both structured and unstructured data. 


The Noctua application enables researchers to do their work faster and organizations to save time and get more certainty and more information than would otherwise have been feasible or possible. Noctua is able to delve through masses of data and deliver relevant information within seconds. 


Noctua today is a versatile product very effective for diverse information needs.

Automated Pension Inspection


In collaboration with experts in the field of pension regulations, Vixion has developed a unique software solution, P-Control. 


P-control detects inconsistencies between the payrolls of employees, regulations applicable to the field of work, and data obtained by pension funds from employers.


It highlights cases of mismatches, for example when employers pay more or less to pension funds than they should, or when employees may be missing out on the pension that is their right.

Using P-control, pension funds can check the correctness of the pension contributions of every single employee, for a fraction of the costs that such a full assessment would require when done by hand.

Identification and Authentication

Tracey.ID is an innovative cloud-based identification and authentication platform. Users only need to log in once to access all the internal and external applications and websites they have access rights to.


For organizations, Tracey.ID offers the advantages of helping them comply with regulations, being able to give users access to what they need without resorting to non-personal accounts.


If misbehavior is detected, Tracey's logs help system administrators easily find out who misused his or her privileges.

Case management software

NPITOME is a case management solution that helps organizations realize data transformations and digitization, and control targets.


NPITOME combines connected data sources, including legacy, automation capabilities and a fully monitored flexible process setup. This has resulted in a track record of increased productivity and reduced overall costs for customers.


Mainframe Automation

Many companies and company processes still depend on mainframes or software running on mainframes to work. In quite some cases existing software and interfaces of these mainframes may not easily work with modern technologies, like web applications.


We have experience in developing software robots to link modern technologies to older data processing resources like mainframes without requiring employees manually feeding data into the mainframe.


For Allianz, by automating mainframe inputs of insurance contracts and claims, we ensure that the Allianz policies are handled reliably, securely and fast.

Web Portal Management

We have a dedicated team of highly skilled developers servicing the web portal for intermediaries of a leading T-1 Dutch bank.


With its expertise and experience in Adobe AEM, Java, .NET and MongoDB, the team provides end-to-end support and service for the portal. The team regularly adds new features and enhancements to the web portal resulting in an improved user experience for employees and relations of the bank.


Adobe CQ5 and AEM6.1

We have extensive and demonstrable knowledge of Adobe CQ5 and AEM6.1.


Our setup is perfectly suited for real-time up- and downscaling, ideal for cloud solutions.